Drone Blocked Fire Fighting Water Bomber

Water bombers working for the Manitoba Wildfire Service were in the Whiteshell Provincial Park in eastern Manitoba on July 17, 2021 when they encountered a drone near the wildfire they were dousing. A water bomber flying over the south shore of West Hawk Lake had to divert to avoid the drone, which was presumably being flown to record the fire.

It is against Transport Canada regulations to fly drones. The general guidelines include the words “fly your drone… away from emergency operations and advertised events. Avoid forest fires…”

The specific regulation is 901.12, “No pilot shall operate a remotely piloted aircraft over or within the security perimeter established by a public authority in response to an emergency.”

There are significant financial penalties if you are caught doing this.

Keep this in mind when flying your drone. It may be tempting to record footage of a forest fire or other emergency, but you must keep your drone out of the way of aircraft and well outside of any emergency perimeter.

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