2019 Drone Summary

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2019 Drone Flights

I purchased a DJI Mavic Air drone in December 2018, and I started flying it in January 2019. I made an effort to fly my drone as much as I could, and according to Dronelogbook, I flew it 121 times for 9 hours, 54 minutes and 56 seconds.

I mostly fly it to record trains, since that is my main hobby. I have a YouTube playlist featuring my drone flights.

Initially I had some trouble understanding why the drone and the controller were “acting up”. There were a few things at play:

  • I was wearing gloves with magnets in them, which was messing up the drone’s compass
  • The controller was beeping because I was flying the drone near me or my car
  • The controller needed calibration

Once I figured out the beeping issue (don’t stand behind or in front of the drone…), flights were a lot less stressful. Over time I grew comfortable with launching the drone and flying it, and I could concentrate more on smoothly turning, panning or flying in general while recording video.

For me, the drone is a platform to take photos or video from. I do enjoy flying it but I do not do any stunts, nor do I fly in “sport mode” for any length of time. I have tried sport mode to see how the drone flies, but I am not comfortable in that mode and I don’t need that speed.

For 2020, I hope to do more flying in scenic areas of Canada. I want to take it to the eastern part of Manitoba where it is more wooded and there are more lakes to fly near. I haven’t done much over-water flying and I want to try that.

I purchased a spare battery for my drone so I don’t have to be so careful about flight time. In 2019 I would be constantly taking the battery out to charge it while I was driving around. I will still do that but the need to charge will be less with a spare battery.

Fly on!

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